A Promise to Myself

I promise: To remind myself daily, that I am beautiful, inside and out.  To Know that I am worthy of good things. To be unapologetically selfish with myself.  To  fearlessly step out of my comfort zone.   To do more things, that satisfy my spirit  To be confident in the gifts I posses, and know that... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Detox Your Life

With healthy living on the rise detoxing and cleanses have become a trend.  All these things promise to cleanse our bodies and rid it of toxins . While we are preparing our bodies for greatness, we should be doing the same for our mind and spirit. Here are a few tips in detoxing your life.... Continue Reading →

But First….Love yourself

    I'm no relationship expert nor do I claim to be. What I know is based off experience. A few years ago, I was the girl that looked the part but didn't have a clue. I carried myself as if I had confidence but how I treated myself told a different story. I stayed... Continue Reading →

New Year, Just Breathe

While trying to balance career, family, and a social life I learned the hard way the importance of self care. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Many days I suffered from anxiety attacks, headaches, and just plain didn't feel good, but yet I kept going. It wasn't until a visit to the ER with chest pain(... Continue Reading →

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