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New Year, Just Breathe

While trying to balance career, family, and a social life I learned the hard way the importance of self care. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Many days I suffered from anxiety attacks, headaches, and just plain didn’t feel good, but yet I kept going.

It wasn’t until a visit to the ER with chest pain( I was sure I was having a heart attack, Thank God it was just anxiety)  that I realized need to change how I was taking care of myself. I chose to focus more on being still than being busy.

I believe the social media era has programmed us to think if we are not constantly busy we aren’t doing enough. Yes, there are families to take care of, goals to be achieved, and brands to be built but we don’t have to run ourselves in the ground to get there.

In this new year as we are chasing  our dreams, I encourage you to allow yourself SEVERAL quiet moments to just breathe! If you do nothing else take a moment each day to be still. Enjoy the silence, check in with how your feeling, reflect on your day, or just simply let your mind wander.

3 comments on “New Year, Just Breathe

  1. Queen bee 🐝

    Your words are so inspiring, we has everyday people, running in this rat race, we call life, must realize we need to first, take care of ourselves. Your words speak to the truth that so many of us, I believe, don’t realize it can be us at any given time. It is sad that our lives dictate us to forget about ourselves and feel that everything else in life is more important than our own wellbeing. We need to take time out and enjoy what life has to offer us. The journey is what people need to focus on, not the destination. The enjoyment of life is in the journey, where true living begins, not the destination. Keep spread peace, life, and tranquility, the soul will thank you!


  2. OlenaRosanne

    Thank you for the reminders in this post . I too have issues with anxiety had issue with chest pains in the past to the point of having a stress test at the local hospital. After a while I got my anxiety under control. But its crept back up again. There is just not enough hours in the day. Like you said, I’m trying to build a brand, take care of my family & keep a roof over our heads. And lo-and-behold chest pains have started again so I got to slow down and just breathe.


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