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But First….Love yourself



I’m no relationship expert nor do I claim to be. What I know is based off experience. A few years ago, I was the girl that looked the part but didn’t have a clue. I carried myself as if I had confidence but how I treated myself told a different story. I stayed in relationships for the sake of being comfortable and at times accepted far less than I deserve.

After my last heartbreak I was determined to get my mind and heart right.  Instead of  sulking I got to work on ME! Being alone gave me the space I needed to love and discover myself.  After playing so many roles, we can lose ourselves. It took some time to figure out what parts of me was really me and what was the person I created to make someone else comfortable.

In my “singleness” I not only learned to love myself but I also became aware of my own bullshit. Since I have met my soul mate I am fully aware that it was not meant to work out with anyone else but besides fate I can admit that I played a part in failed relationships. For many years I expected people to accept my hot temper because “that just how I am”. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and make changes when necessary.

It wasn’t until I started to genuinely love and accept myself that I was able to give and reciprocate the love I had desired for so long. Self love is on going journey.  We set the standard on how others should treat us, and if we are not treating ourselves with love and respect how can we expect anyone else to.


4 comments on “But First….Love yourself

  1. OlenaRosanne

    I agree. Self-love is indeed and ONGOING journey. As soon as we think we have every piece of it figured out, another piece to the puzzle waltzes on in. We have to have compassion for ourselves and realize no one’s perfect. And remember as long as we are willing to learn we will keep on growing. Great post!

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  2. Self-love is the best love! Its a process and we are all going through it. I’ve had to learn a lot about myself.

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  3. Teach people how to treat you. Closed hearts are never felt. Hurt people hurt people. An enjoyable read. My writing complements this writing piece, i.e. focusing on severed-relationships. Cheers and keep it up!


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