When Life Happens

We all  know how it is, you’ve had a rough week, you’re mentally drained. At this point any self care routine you’ve had in place is now out the window now you’re struggling to keep it together, once again.  So what can we do to continue to take care of ourselves when life throws us a curveball?  Here are a few things that you can add to your self care tool box that don’t cost a thing and don’t require much time.


Mediatation allows you to calm your mind and raise your level of awareness.  It doesn’t have to be some long drawn out production, you can meditate in your car, in bed, and even at your desk. Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed take a moment and center yourself.


One of my favorites! Reading is great way to mentally escape.  I prefer an old fashion book, but audio books are a great option for those don’t have time to actually sit down and read a book.

Be Selfish

There is nothing wrong with being selfish with you, if that means cancelling plans, taking a mental health day, or just disappearing for a while so be it. You need you more than anyone else, make yourself a priority!







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