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Showing Up For Yourself This Holiday Season

As we jump full force into the Holiday Season it is easy to forget about ourselves.  The Holidays are a joyful time but for they also can be very stressful. Here a few tips to take care of yourself while enjoying this Holiday Season.

Watch Your Spending

I know we all like to spoil our loved ones (especially the babies) but don’t go into debt trying to prove your love. If you must buy a gift make budget and stick to it! There’s no bigger stressor than having financial issues. Keep in mind that you have to live beyond the holidays.

Go….Or Don’t Go To That Holiday Party 

For those that suffer from social anxiety the idea of going to any event can be uncomfortable, and down right terrifying but this season I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Practice makes perfect! You might surprise yourself. Stepping out might be exactly what your soul needs. On the other hand if you’re truly not feeling up to it or you know that attending will disturb your peace, by all means don’t go!

Make A List And Check It Twice

I’m a planner girl.  I would truly be lost without my planner. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking a task off my to-do list.  Making  a list and prioritizing is an easy way to stay on track and also gives you a visual reminder of  when it’s time to pencil in some time for yourself.

Most Importantly……

For many this time of year is hard. Rather they are missing a loved one, or can’t afford the Christmas they feel their family deserves. This year truly embrace the true spirit of the season. Spend time with the ones you love, give when you can and overall be thankful.

Happy Holidays ❤

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