I think at some point in our lives we’ve all put our happiness on hold waiting  for our “Ship”.  You know that RelationShip, the weight loss Ship, or maybe it was the financially stable Ship.  If I’ve learned anything, that is life will not always go as planned. If we are constantly waiting for perfect circumstances to TRULY be happy, then it may never happen.

For many years I stressed and agonized over things that were beyond my control.  I  made myself  believe that until I counquered every single battle set before me that I could not genuinely be happy. There’s so much we miss out on when we let our fears and doubts get in the way.

Happiness does not require perfection.  If we can find just a little bit of good in each day, that’s a start.! You are undeniably worthy of happiness right now. Just as you are ❤

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  1. I like it. Did I share how much I like it, though! So true.


  2. Ash says:

    I love this post. I spent so many years searching for perfection and realised that all along it could be found in my daily life. Thanks for sharing x


    1. Absoutely! So glad you enjoyed it

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