I Am Somebody’s and My Own

I seen a quote that really resonated with me “I can be somebody’s and still my own. How many times have we been asked to describe our selves and we open with “I’m……, a ( inserts career) I’m a mother of……” While all these things are an important part of us and in a way shape who we are, outside of that do we know, embrace, and nurture who we truly are?

If I had any reservations about getting married, it was the fear of losing myself. I had been the independent woman for years, not to mention when I met my husband I was knee deep in my self love journey.  I had a new found peace and appreciation for  myself.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to give that up or share that with anyone. At the time I wasn’t sure if I was ready to give that or share my that with someone. What I didn’t know is that I didn’t have to. It can be  a slow process but it takes an understanding from all parties to understand the space, and support  you need to flourish to be the best you possible.

So what does it look like  to be ‘somebody’s and still be your own. It means  while you are being a mommy or wife  that you still make yourself a priority. We still need girls nights, we still need quiet moments, we still need to fulfill OUR dreams and we should be able to do that without guilt. Make sure your cup is full, and NEVER stop doing the   things that makes your soul happy!

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  1. Love this! I have a fear myself of becoming “someone’s” and losing me. I’ve lost myself before and worked really hard to get things back in order. My growth journey and self love venture has been beautiful over these last few years and I don’t want to give that up and hope that the next person who enters my life can understand that.

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    1. That’s beautiful! And if they don’t understand that, they truly don’t deserve you💜

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